About TBN

Total Business Network is one of the first complete online office suites designed specifically for small businesses. Companies use the Total Business Network family of on-demand software services for everything from human resource management, document creation and business development to sales, marketing and many more key office functions...

What can you do with Total Business Network Apps?

  • Drag and Drop DIY Website development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Employee Data Management
  • Document Creation and Management
  • Project Collaboration
  • Corporate minute tracking
  • E-learning

What are the benefits of Software On-Demand?

Decreased Security Risks

By hosting the technology on which your business depends to operate at optimal levels, we lower the chances that your local devices will be crippled by software viruses, worms and other potential hardware bugs. There are always hardware risks involved when navigating the Internet, and of course, running an online application requires a certain amount of responsibility on the part of our end user. But if access to your applications is managed correctly, security should never be an issue.


No matter where you are - or what you’re doing - you’re always using the latest version. In other words, you’ll never have to worry that one of your employees or business partners is using a version of our software that’s incompatible with yours. Upgrades and fixes are implemented on hosted servers, where our applications reside, and are thus disseminated to all users simultaneously. This minimizes interruptions to productivity and work-flow. It also means you can be certain that when using our software applications, what you see on your computer screen is exactly what every other Total Business Network user sees.

What is it?

The Total Business Network is a collection of Web-based applications and one locally-installed Windows-based program for managing a small business. Combined, the entire suite of applications is designed to provide you and your small business a robust online office environment for your needs.